We are currently offering two venues for hourly 'Bubble Rentals'. The 'Arcade Bubble Rentals' are at Quazar's Arcade and the 'Pinball Bubble Rentals' are at the Powerhouse Pinball Club. Choose the venue by clicking on the corresponding category under the date below.

These 'Bubble Rentals' are limited to 6 people and only people in your immediate family, household or core bubble. Please be aware that we are only taking bookings until the end of March until we know about further orders from the Provincial Health Authority.

Arcade Bubble Rentals at Quazar's Arcade
Quazar's Arcade is a 2,000 square foot classic video game and pinball arcade featuring 40 arcade machines and 16 pinball machines. We are very proud of our collection, including some golden age classic uprights like Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-Man, 90s era fighters like Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 3, driving games like Super Sprint and Pole Position, and shooters like House of the Dead 2 and Terminator Salvation. With a distinctly retro decor, Quazar's is the place for the ultimate classic arcade experience. Quazar's Arcade is located at 1215 Government Street at the base of Trounce Alley. Rental slots are available Wednesday to Friday afternoons and evenings, and Saturday and Sunday all day.

Pinball Bubble Rentals at the Powerhouse Pinball Club
The Powerhouse Pinball has exclusively pinball machines, and be prepared to be blown away by the selection! We have some Premium Edition Stern machines like Jurassic Park and Deadpool, some classic Williams like White Water and Terminator 2, to the the ultra-rare Spooky Pinball Rick & Morty Blood Sucker Edition and Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle. There are 20 pinball machines located in the main room of this beautifully restored industrial-era building from 1892. The Powerhouse Pinball Club is located at 2110 Store Street. Rental slots are available on Saturday and Sunday.

The cost for each time slot is $120 plus GST. During your one-hour rental, you will have exclusive access to the venue and all of the games on the floor. All games are on free play for private rentals at both venues.

The arcade and pinball room will be thoroughly disinfected between each rental, including all contact surfaces, bathrooms and games. All staff will be wearing face masks.

Note: Room rental fees are non-refundable and are payable upon booking. The arcade or pinball club are not available for rent for ticketed events. Please do not put our business and staff at risk by making a booking with the intention of breaking the restrictions and inviting guests that are not in the same immediate family or core bubble.

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